Q: Are your pasties fresh?

A: Yes. Each order is freshly baked the day it goes out. For Pasties By Post we use a technique called Blast Chilling.

So what is Blast Chilling?

A: Glad you asked. Once the pasty has been freshly baked we rapidly chill it. This enables all the lovely fresh flavours to be sealed in. When you reheat them all those delicious flavours are released – it will be like being back in Cornwall! Try them yourseves.

How do I reheat them?

A: If you’ve frozen them defrost first.
In oven: 1/2 hour at gas mark 3; electric 150 °C
In microwave: 2 – 3 minutes on high – heat one pasty at a time.
NOTE: Oven and microwave ratings vary so always check the pasties are heated through to the centre.


Q: Do you offer Gluten free pasties?

A: Not at the moment, the logistics are to difficult. But this is something we will continue to monitor.